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YXF1 Used For Gold Mineral Processing

YONGXING Company Information

Liaocheng Yongxing Environmental Protection Science And Technology Co.,Ltd founded in the year of 2001 and located in Liaocheng City,Shandong,China.It is a high-technology company and collection of scientific research,produce.We are a professional manufacturer specialized in Polyacrylamide (Anionic, Cationic, Nonionic). 

At present,our factory has 8,000 tons annual production capacity,with a number of automatic production line.We also have our own  polymer research and develop laboratory.From now on,our market share covers more than 20 countries and regions.

YXF1 Introduction

YXF1 is a synthetic, high molecular weight nonionic polyelectrolyte supplied in dry solid form.It has very good effect in gold mine waste water treatment.YXF1 can instead of Korea products and BASF products.It is widely used in China Gold Mine.

YXF1 Specification


Attn: Even the same specification,different polyacrylamide manufacturer also has different effect.So when you book the bulk order,to apply some sample to test is necessary.

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